Maggie Beer Cookbook Giveaway – Maggies Verjuice Cookbook



Everyone who is interested in cooking knows who the gorgeous Maggie Beer is. Most people who cook know what Verjuice is and use it i their cooking.
Maggie was the first in the world to produce Verjuice commercially. Made from the juice of unfermented grapes, use it as a gentle acidulant wherever you might find lemon juice or vinegar too tart – which means whenever you want the gentlest bite of flavour.

I love to use it when making Risotto with chicken & mushrooms.( Recipe below )  I also use it to glaze my pan fried scallops .

If you have always wanted to try verjuice but had no idea what you would do with it or if you have a bottle of Verjuice that has sat in the back of your pantry then this is the book for you.


‘I just can’t help myself when it comes to verjuice! I use it in place of lemon juice or vinegar to bring the gentlest lift of flavour to everything – from grilled vegetables, meat or fish, pastas, risottos, salads and hearty one-pot dishes to delicate custards, old-fashioned puddings and decadent tarts. I can’t imagine cooking without it.’

Maggie Beer

What is Verjuice by Maggie Beer

If you would like to purchase Maggies Cooking with Verjuice Cookbook you can purchase it HERE  there is also many of Maggies amazing pantry items to purchase in her online shop HERE including Maggies famous Verjuice

Some of her amazing products that I use are in a few of my recipes below

Risotto with Chicken Mushroom and Verjuice

Condensed Tomato Soup with Vino Cotto

Maggie Beers Fig Jam Biscuits

To enter the Giveaway – Win Maggie’s Cooking with Verjuice Cookbook

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This giveaway is run through rafflecopter making it 100% fair to all entrants as each persons entry is recorded and then the winner randomly generated from all VALID entries.

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Competition starts 12:00 Midnight WST 14th of September 2015
Competition ends   12:00 Midnight WST 11th October 2015




41 thoughts on “Maggie Beer Cookbook Giveaway – Maggies Verjuice Cookbook

  1. I think if I won Maggie’s Verjuice Cookbook I would have to make the Rhubarb and Apple Crumble first…mmmmmmm. great competition ThermoBlitz, thank you 😀


  2. I have used Maggie’s verjuice for years to add a little something to all sorts of food. Could really do with some recipes though as I have only ever added on instinct!


  3. I’ve never tried verjuice, but my mum loves it. I haven’t seen her since March and will be visiting her at Christmas finally after a tough year. I’d love to cook anything with her that her heart desires 😀


  4. If I could access some Pearl Meat, I would pickle the meat in verjuice and serve with a mayo made with a dash of verjuice.
    It’s more likely I’ll use verjuice in place of wine in a mushroom risotto.


  5. I do have a bottle of verjuice sitting in the cupboard actually lol, sadly it is unopened but I would make the chicken and mushroom risotto first if I won


  6. If I won Maggie’s book I’d like to try using Verjuice in her recipes but id firstly like to try it in my amazing prawn and sausage risotto I make weekly!


  7. Verjuice..the bottle i keep pushing to the back as i have nfi what to use it in! I would like to cook something lamb. Not sure what though? ! Ideas?!


  8. I have only ever used the Verjuice in my risotto so would love to win the book to discover how many other ways to use it, I will always use it especially for my asparagus and leek risotto


  9. I am thinking verjuice would add a nice touch to seafood risotto. There is also an avocado savoury jelly in a maggie cook book that I have always thought sounded interesting


  10. I would love to win a copy of this book. After reading some ideas about thd use of Verjuice, apart from Salads, i would enjoy trying recipes on the family (help us all!) ONWARDS AND UPWARDS…… Thank You


  11. I’d love to try Maggie’s verjuice & my family loves risotto so I’d make that first and put verjuice in it 🙂 yum I want risotto now!


  12. I’d like to try making the Roasted Barossa Chicken with Verjuice that Maggie does in the video. Looks and sounds delicious.


  13. I would really like to try one of Maggies sweet verjuice dishes. She has a verjuice pannacotta with poached pears that sounds delish!


  14. I love the idea of glazing scallops! And prawns! I’d love to try that with verjuice. I’d like to try it in salads too band heaps of other things! I never realised how versatile verjuice was. I can’t wait to start experimenting!!


  15. I would spoil my family by making roasted chook with plenty of garlic and verjuice…mmmhhh just thinking about it makes my mouth water…??
    Now fingers crossed and hoping for a win…


  16. I have two bottles of verjuice here I need inspiration to use! Would love to make either. Risotto or the rhubarb and apple crumble YUM! ?


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