Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Fudge


Fudge Delights for Christmas or anytime… around 6 years ago I created a yummy fudge recipe on my facebook page Thermoblitz – you can find the original post here it was a roaring success with hundreds and hundreds of people making it, in fact one person commented the other day they have made it over 100 times since it was first posted !

That fudge recipe of course then made it to this blog in 2014 when it was created and you can find that recipe here – It was called Festive Fudge when I created it back in December 2012 for Christmas …

This year I have decided to give something a bit of a different twist and its delicious ! I’ve used Ferrero Rocher chocolates, I’ve lowered the chocolate level as well !

This is one of the lowest processed sugar level fudge recipes, the liquid glucose is a must for ensuring the fudge stays creamy and doesn’t break down.

For the styling photo I had used all the white Ferrero Rocher Chocolates so had to style with milk and dark ? you can use any of them, but I’d stay with the one type.

Stay tuned for some more variations and I hope you all love this as much as you did my Festive Fudge recipe.



1 can condensed milk
60g raw sugar
125g butter
1 tblspn liquid glucose 20g available from supermarkets
150g white chocolate
10-12 Ferrero Rocher chocolates roughly chopped into large chunks


Add to the Thermomix bowl the condensed milk, sugar, butter, and glucose and cook for 8 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 3 with the mc out.

Cook further 20 minutes at varoma temp on speed 3 with the mc out

Add chopped white chocolate & half of the Ferrero Rocher pieces and stir through 10 secs  at speed 3-4 -until choc is mostly melted

Quickly pour into baking paper lined square pan (my preference) or slice tray, smooth out and sprinkle the remaining Ferrero Rocher pieces over the top and gently press slightly in.

Allow to cool down

Refrigerate until set.

Slice into small squares.