The Dangers of Green Juicing – for some…


UPDATE – I have switched the Baby Spinach over to Kale and so far so good…. 


Unfortunately unless you try things your self you don’t know how they will affect you.

I have tried a number of “healthy alternatives” in the past couple of years and sadly I have had reactions to them.

Rapadura Sugar- Extreme headaches “Ice-Pick” Headaches that plagued me for a year or more. Numerous tests including MRI’s and a lot of worrying. I stopped using the Rapadura Sugar and they stopped.
Just to make sure it wasn’t a co-incendence I had Rapadura sugar again and the headaches were back. It was most definitely from the Rapadura Sugar.

Coconut Sugar – I thought perhaps being from a different plant and that I can eat coconut products that this would be suitable. Unfortunately it causes massive stomach cramping.  Unlike the rapadura I didn’t let it go on for a long time. I ceased using it , the cramps went away and I again tested the coconut sugar again and the cramps came back.

I’d recently decided to give Green Juicing a go .. I found a recipe that I liked the taste of and my husband and I both started having them.  We would have a couple of days in a row and then not for a few days. It was probably on the 3rd round that I had started to get chronic cramping in my neck, the side of my neck  in the muscles . I woke up one day and could hardly move, I couldn’t turn my neck . The pain was excruciating. It lasted a couple of days.

I gave the Juicing a miss for a couple of weeks. I no longer had any sort of muscle pains in my neck. I thought well perhaps it was just simply a case of sleeping on my neck the wrong way, as I had woken up with the pain.
So on the weekend a made another batch and had some Saturday and Sunday. Today around mid morning the pain started exactly i the same area down the left hand side of my neck. In the muscle area.

I decided to do some research into it To see if perhaps this was something connected to “Green Juicing”  I found this information

Oxalate Stones Can Form in Any Tissue

Oxalate stones can show up in any body tissue including the brain and even the heart.

Oxalate crystals resembling shards of glass which become lodged in the heart cause tiny tears and damage to this vital muscle with every single contraction pumping life giving blood to the rest of the body.

Oxalate crystals which end up in the thyroid can cause thyroid disease by damaging thyroid tissue.

A frequent location for oxalates to end up is skeletal muscle which will cause pain with even normal movement and make exercise nearly impossible.  Dr. William Shaw, Director of The Great Plains Laboratory for Health, Nutrition and Metabolism who has studied oxalates extensively, is convinced that oxalate toxicity is a factor in fibromyalgia the pain of which can absolutely devastate a person’s life.

This excerpt taken from THIS page.

A frequent location for oxalates to end up is skeletal muscle which will cause pain with even normal movement and make exercise nearly impossible.

This particular part is clearly what has happened to me. So now Green Juices are out for me.  I will also not be giving it to any one else in the family.

There is some more information on Oxalates on this whole foods page HERE as well . I note that it includes Quinoa in here which is another food that causes difficulties for me with extreme nausea.

All of the ingredients  in Green Juice – Baby Spinach , Cucumber, Dates, Apple, Lime , Ginger , Mint are foods that I use in regular cooking and salads and so on and have no issues. It would appear  that its just when its in a raw form and in a large quantity.

Some people will be affected by Green Juicing and some people will not. Unfortunately you won’t know until you have tried things whether you have an intolerance or allergy.

I had my gall bladder removed many years ago its possible that my body can’t break down things .. Who knows – the body is a inevitable minefield with how it works.  So I shall continue to eat healthy and real foods but I think the “special” “diet” ” lifestyle” foods are not for me.

Have you had any issues with Green Juicing ?