As a precursor to those that ask about the situation in Nepal and various other events around the world and in Australia and “where is my compassion for them”
Well I am multi dimensional and can feel compassion for more than one person / event of a time Yesterday I donated to the Nepal devastation appeals through the International Medical Corps. – Have you ?

I dedicate this post to the 8 people that were executed in cold blood in Indonesia on the 28th April 2015 at Midnight.

One thing I have learnt through social media over the past years is that people can’t allow others to  have an opinion without shouting them down or shaming them for theirs.
I shared a post from Ben Quilty  ahead of the executions last night –  THIS POST nearly 10,000 people shared that post all over so it had a major impact on many pages.  So too did Tara Moss share Ben’s post, where a poster asked the question as to whether people could refrain from intruding on others heartfelt sorrow at what was about to happen that night. Instead of people respecting that she was met with a less than appropriate cartoon meme mocking her. A number of them have followed today.
Death is nothing to be joyous about.
People can’t allow others to have their opinion without shouting them down or shaming them. That particular post was about Mercy for Myu , Andrew and even the others on the execution list. People should have enough RESPECT to allow others to share and discuss their feelings and opinions about having MERCY for these poor 8 souls especially Myu and Andrew as they were the focus of this post from Ben.

But no they can’t they  have to slam and Shame the people that do have Mercy and are Compassionate people .
There are plenty of pages to be on to voice an opinion “for the death penalty” with like minded people , BUT That isn’t good enough. 
They want to Shame people for their opinion , they want to shout them down, make them feel bad for having compassion in their hearts.
Likewise  there are plenty of media pages that continually provoked people with their “have you changed your mind about the Bali 9 Ringleaders” leading to a torrent of comments.
It wasn’t enough to post the information on what was happening they had to provoke people to argue about it.
Still today media outlets poking people trying to get reactions.
Why when a compassionate post is written about these two men do people feel the need to shame and shout those compassionate people down ? Why do they have to launch a torrent of abuse at them ?
I guess that is the difference between the people that have compassion for Myu and Andrew and those that don’t .
The people that feel the need to rejoice in these deaths should take their self righteousness and leave those that feel mercy and compassion alone.
Whilst they are being so joyful perhaps they can read this article about the Bali Bombers who are walking FREE – the same Bali Bombers that Killed 92 Australians and horrifically injured many others both psychically , mentally and emotionally all in the name of Terror.
Why do they get to intentionally kill and walk away free ? serve little to no jail time and certainly not death.
But two young males aged 21 and 23 (at the time of their crime) repent over the years and prove that they are changed men to the ones that stupidly smuggled drugs.
Drugs are evil. There is no denying that. People stupidly take drugs, they do so of their own free will , they could say no.  Just as these two men could have said no to being involved in smuggling drugs. But they didn’t . They made stupid mistakes They thought they were invincible ” it won’t happen to me”  but like the drug user that gets hooked , they got caught. They made stupid mistakes.
Should all drug users get put to death ? After all they are a walking / driving time bomb with their drugs in their systems that can cause death to others…….
I feel sad for Myuran and Andrew because they paid the ultimate price for their stupidity and they were not given a second chance.
I feel even sorrier for their family and friends who will continue to be punished because of their executions.
I agree with what Tony Abbott said today..
“I would say to people yes, you are absolutely entitled to be angry but we’ve got to be very careful to ensure that we do not allow our anger to make a bad situation worse.”
From this article
Myuran’s and Andrew’s families are going to be hurting a great deal now. It is not their fault. They do not deserve to be tormented anymore from the hurtful words that are out there.
This is it for me – talking about Myuran and Andrew and their executions. It makes me sad that they were brutally and inhumanely murdered in the dead of night. It makes me sad that they were used as political pawns. It won’t deter future drug dealers. If the death penalty deterred people there wouldn’t have been deaths via execution for a great many decades (around the world)
I hope that one day our world might have more compassion and understanding for people, for genuine people who try hard to do good thing , to do better , to become better.
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