Take a Bite from Pete,Alexx, Jude and Sarah (plus many more)

Take a “bite” –  just a play on words….I don’t really want you to take a bite of them .. but I do suggest taking “a bit” from each of them and incorporating it into your dietary needs and for your health.

These people all have different views on what is the best for our dietary requirement and health. Their views are based on “their experiences” “their research”
Just because something is right for one person doesn’t meant its going to suit the next person.
Why ? Because we are all unique with unique cells. Some people have medical issues, some people have hereditary traits, each cell in everyone’s body is different

Each of the people I have mentioned in the subject line are unique people with quite a public profile.  Each of them are people I admire and take a little “bite” out of their information that they share.
They each have their own thoughts on the food that they believe is the right food to eat and the wrong food to eat. The right lifestyle choices and the wrong ones.

paleo-diet images

Some of them believe that eating a diet comprising of meats, good saturated fats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds but no dairy , no grains.

This is a list I sourced on google that Paelo’s follow

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.15.04 pm

Whilst others believe that quitting sugar but still having dairy, grain and some carbs is fine

Whilst others believe that eating whole foods is the right way, eating Whole foods – meaning foods as close to natural as possible – like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, lean meats such as chicken , turkey and fish.

Whilst more believe that being Vegan, Eating Raw, Eating Gluten Free or Eating Clean is the way to go….

Its all very personal, and there isn’t “one particular” person or diet that is right except for the people that it is right for !. If you don’t want to give up Milk, Yoghurt , Cheese but you want to eat meat , veges , good saturated fats , nuts etc but you don’t want to eat grains then DO take in the advice of someone like Pete Evans eating style of Paleo but don’t feel guilty if you don’t follow his (and other paleoites) complete way of eating 100% .

I love so many paleo recipes and food choices but I do not eat red meat ! *yuck* but I Love Cheese and a natural yoghurt and some milk in my coffee (from a cow!)  I also love my home made bread and bread rolls.. so this style of eating Paleo doesn’t suit me 100% but certainly a great proportion of this style of eating is something I agree with and enjoy.

I do not like processed food, I do not like toxic oils, (I feel like I should be reciting “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like Green Eggs and Ham” haha) I avoid these things like the plague, BUT When we go out for a meal or when we go to someones house or party and if there is something there like sandwiches I do NOT ask them if they used margarine !  If they are serving up a chocolate cake as a birthday cake I do not ask them how much sugar in grams they used ! I will either not eat it and choose something else or have a small piece.

I have had this post in my drafts for some weeks , there is o much in the media at the moment about Paleo and so called “gurus” on what is and what isn’t healthy eating slamming the Paleo way of eating. All the while promoting toxic oils, processed foods and junk.
There are (I hope) big changes coming to “Health institutes”
I hope there is a big shake up coming in the direction of food served in hospitals where people are recovering from illness and surgeries and need quality whole and real foods to mend their bodies.
I hope there is a big shake up coming in the direction of food served in School Canteens. The food that is sold as “healthy” is nothing more than Junk processed food and full of sugars and additives. This is controbuting to the health issues in children, allergies, autism, adhd, learning difficulties , tiredness, overweight, underweight , lethargy and poor concentration.

These things MUST be addressed sooner rather than later.

But rather than getting bogged down with labels of “diets” or “styles of eating” and following them strictly with no deviation and ending up stressed and resorting to bad habits DON’T – there is no need unless you want to do that.

Rather, take a bite of information from all these smart people who had done a lot of research , take it on board and change your eating habits accordingly to suit YOU.

The most important thing to do is eat healthy whole and real foods. Leave the packaged stuff on the the shelves. The big manufactures will soon get the message …..one day hopefully in the not too distant future

Eat healthy, incorporate fitness into your life , get fresh air and sunshine and enjoy life x

PS you don’t need a Thermomix to do that…..