Using Thermoblitz recipes with your TM5

So….. the new kid on the block. TM5

I wrote a blog post earlier this month about the TM31 and TM5 and my perspective on the new launch. You can read about that HERE

This blog post is in regards to the recipes on this blog and for those people that own a TM5

If you own a TM5 you will be able to use my recipes with great confidence.
I don’t have a TM5 but I imagine that you won’t be able to use any TM5 recipes in the TM31 unless you are confident in adapting recipes. Because the recipes in the TM5 will be for the larger capacity. So you will need the ability to reduce not only quantities of ingredients but cooking time / temp and speed (possibly)

But every recipe on my Blog is a TM31 designed recipe because that is what I own 🙂 so I  feel confident that you can use your TM5 to make my recipes .  IF you are a confident Thermomix user and have had both the TM31 and TM5 you may even be able to increase quantities of some recipes. However I can not guide you on that as I don’t have a TM5 to check.

I hope one day to be able to have two Thermomix’s of which naturally one will be a TM5 and then I can give you all recipes for using a TM31 or TM5