Pistachio & Chocolate Melting Moments

I’d actually been working on another biscuit a more tropical flavor and whilst the biscuits turned out perfect the “inside ganache” did not – and although they taste A M A Z I N G I couldn’t present them here yet so I will work on them šŸ™‚ But then I thought about a NEW flavor and a traditional ganache and got to creating it – what a success , these have an amazing taste sensation in your mouth. Each component tastes yummy but put them together and they soar to the next level of yummyness – I hope you love them too x



Biscuit Ingredients

50 g Pistachios
40g Icing Sugar (mill raw sugar)
30g Corn Flour
170 Plain Flour
180 Unsalted butter

20g water

Place 50g of pistachios in the bowl at speed 8 for four seconds.Ā  Set aside

Place cubed Butter and Icing Sugar in bowl and cream on speed 6 for around 20 seconds, scrape down add pistachios
for around 5 secs on speed 6

Add Corn flour and Plain Flour into bowl and Mix speed 5 for around 20 secs.

Add 20-30g of water and mix for another 20 secs speed 5 ( to make it pipeable – you don’t want it sloppy)

Scrape out bowl and place mix into a piping bag or zip lock bag (large) see photo as to how I do this easily using a tall jug or glass.

Pipe circles onto lined trays and place into a pre heated 170 degree oven for around 12 minutes

Remove lightly golden biscuits , cool on trays and transfer to wire trays

Chocolate Ganache

70 g Cream
15 g glucose syrup optional
10 g Butter optional
140g good quality chocolate I use Lindt

(butter makes it glossier and glucose syrup helps stabilize)

Place Cream into bowl and heat at 80 degrees for around 2 and half minutes on speed 1

Then mix in chocolateĀ  speed1 for around a minute to a minute and a half. No heat required and you will see the temp drop down from 80 to 50 to 37 as you mix.

Allow to cool and spread one side of a biscuit and then sandwich together.

Store in fridge in a container for up to a week. If they last that long !