Fancy White Rolls……









Deliciously Soft Thermoblitz White Rolls and Fancy Plait Rolls…
310 g Warm Water
10g dry yeast
1 tblspn Maple Syrup or 10g Raw Sugar
550g White Flour
1 tspn salt
40g extra virgin olive oil

Add Water yeast and sugar and mix for 20 secs on speed 6
Add the rest of ingredients one by one as listed
Mix for 10 seconds on speed 6
Put on Lock Lid and Press knead for 1.5 minutes
Spray a large bowl and tip dough into it .
Glad wrap over the top and allow to rise to top
Split up into either 6 , 8 , or 12 rolls (I always do 12) and put in formation any way you like
Allow to rise for a second time
Then brush top with either water or milk or leave plain. These ones have milk brushed on them.
Put into preheated oven 180/190 for about 20 minutes with a ramekin / cup of water at the base of the oven.

Eat straight away or split up and freeze

For the Fancy plait rolls follow the photos as above

Split up into Rolls
Roll out flat
Cut into 3 sections with about 1-2cm at the top
Plait sections
Tuck in little squares of cheese
Fold Over each end and flip over