Trio of Icecreams


Trio of Icecreams

You will need
Frozen Bananas
Frozen Cherries.
Organic Cacao
Maple Syrup

I took about 4 large frozen bananas and about 100g of frozen Cherries, use 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of cacao depending on how chocolatey you like it, although organic cacao is very strong and quite bitter. Use around 10g of Maple Syrup.

Take 4 frozen bananas chopped up and blitz on 9 until smooth and creamy
Separate equally into 3 containers

You now have Smooth and Creamy Banana Icecream

Blitz Cherries until as smooth as possible mix half the cherries into one lot of previously separated bananas – you now have Cherry banana ice cream

Take another lot of blitzed bananas’ and the other half of the cherries and mix in the cacao and maple syrup and blitz until smooth

You now have Choc Cherry Banana Ice cream