Pink Crack


160g Shredded Coconut
40 Grams Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
40 Grams coconut oil
1 tsp pure vanilla extract – homemade recipe is HERE
Good pinch ofi sea salt
70 g Raspberries
sprinkle cinnamon
Squeeze Of Lemon

Blitz on about 8 for about 7 secs or so until all thoroughly mixed the shredded Coconut
the Maple Syrup , the coconut oil
and the vanilla extract.
and a Good pinch of sea salt
Then Add the banana chopped into a few pieces and cinnamon and lemon juice Blitz for about 10secs on speed 7
Then add the raspberries ( you could also use strawberries or cherries ) and on reverse speed 1 blend through until the raspberries are well mixed through
Pop in fridge for a couple of hours to set and then set in squares.
This made a decent size container full this is just a small part of it

NB something I didn’t do but could easily be done – add a thin layer of chocolate to bottom (first) or top after
(or both !! ) yummo