A litte Hidden Gem in the Hills of Western Australia


Hidden Valley Wood

Artisan extraordinaire – Dean Donovan crafting unique, local and ethically sourced bespoke wooden products for you and your home.

If I was to describe my beautiful crafted Marri Essential Oil box in one word it would be “Stunning”

From the beautiful Marri wood, to the beautiful dovetail corners, to the amazing hinges and in particular the antique look, vintage, almost pirate treasure trove,  feel clasp ! this piece of art , and I do call it that because it has been truly crafted, like a piece of art, out of a beautiful piece of Marri wood.

It takes some two years for Marri wood to be ready for Dean to even be able to get to the milled wood to begin your beautifully crafted box ( or other piece of bespoke wooden creation )

Then its into the studio where every single details is carefully crafted from wood type, to design, to hinges , to the intricate personality of the wood to create your beautiful piece.

The wood carefully kiln dried

Before being turned into a masterpiece !


If you want to own a beautiful piece of Australian History from locally and ethically sourced wood then look no further than Dean at Hidden Valley Wood

Dean has a range of beautiful woods to choose from

So if you are an essential oil lover and have a collection don’t delay and get yourself one of these beautiful Essential Oil boxes. Dean also makes smaller boxes and a complete range of other beautiful wood products.