All about my new cookbook For the love of the Cuisine Companion

Every day recipes – by Caroline Ross


I suppose to explain this blog post .. this is my why, people always have a why as to what motivates them.. this is mine. Family is everything to me,  helping people is something I feel passionately about…

I wrote this cookbook because I have a love of cooking, but more than that I have a love of helping others to have a love of cooking.
I have done,  for many years, from the day I purchased a Thermomix in 2012.
Barely managing to get through the demonstration the consultant was giving,  as I had a phone call in the middle of it.
The call, telling me that my husband was having chest pains, and in the coming days he would be minutes from death and ending up having a double heart bypass at just 45 years of age.  That call completely distracted me from the entire demonstration, I really didn’t take much notice of it at all , it was all just a blur…

So now ( in May 2012) I had this $2000 machine and a husband about to undergo life saving surgery. It was weeks, months before I decided to brave using this contraption ( the Thermomix )  but it was a lot of money that had been invested in it,  through lots of hard saving.
It was hard initially, I can definitely say that,  and the consultant that had done the demonstration wasn’t very helpful and then ended up leaving the company. So what was I going to do ? put it in the cupboard ? I didn’t want to just let this expensive machine sit there .. So I googled,  I joined some Thermomix groups and I got to learn a different way to cooking – this thermo cooking phenomenon.  I grew to love it,  but amazingly other people started to love what I was writing,  the photos of the food that I was making and the recipes I was writing…  Then people started to tell me I should start my own Facebook page,  then they said that I should start my own blog , then they said why don’t you write a recipe book…..
I really wanted to do that because I wanted to show people that there are some amazing ways to use your Thermo cooker to enhance your cooking skills be it if you are a basic cook, or to take it to the next level if you are a more experienced cook.
But more so I wanted to bring cooking from scratch into peoples lives to help put them on a healthier path of eating.
That looking after our health by what we put into our bodies is paramount to maintaining a long and healthy life.
I also didn’t want to make recipes that were diet specific, with food items that were not readily available to some people or cost effective for some.
I did the first two,  a Facebook page that now has over 28,000 people,  a website with hundreds of recipes  and I had every intention of writing a book but then I stopped using a Thermomix after 4 years, so I couldn’t really write a recipe book for it as I no longer owned one!!!
Just as a side note I did leave all of my Thermomix recipes that I had written right here on the blog for all of the Thermomix followers because to this day they still follow the page and website.
Oh and my hubby ? well its 6 years on, its his birthday today,  as I release this post,  and he’s healthier than ever ❤ ❤ ❤

In March 2016 the Tefal Cuisine Companion came into my life and I then got into recipe developing for the Cuisine Companion.
At first it was like oh my god this is so different from the Thermomix what am I doing, but after a lot of perseverance and becoming more and more confident it became easier and easier.  To be honest its like any appliance that you purchase , you just need to give it some time , energy and patience and you will enjoy using it.

So I started conceptualising a book.  It had always been my dream to do a recipe book. I had been providing recipes for free for five years and I thought its time to take the plunge. Writing a book isn’t as easy as it sounds , getting it print ready for a eBook or hard copy isn’t as easy as you would think either.
With a lot of perseverance and a lot of hard work, late nights,  sometimes tears,  a lot of ingredients with testing recipes over and over,  numerous taste testings to get each and every recipe right it finally came to light and on June 17th 2017 my ebook was officially launched .

For the love of the Cuisine Companion – Everyday recipes by Caroline Ross really is just that Everyday recipes.
Easy Everyday recipes but with a little flair.  I bring a little of my personality to each recipe and a whole lot of love behind each and every recipe.
I’ve been developing recipes and helping people for years first with the Thermomix and now since the beginning of 2016 with the Cuisine Companion.
I wanted my book to be more than just some recipes thought up and put together,  I wanted my book to really transform peoples kitchens, to make them fall in love with cooking and enjoy using their appliance as I have done.

Its been a long and tough road to get to here with various hurdles along the way but I am thrilled with the feedback that I have been receiving from people who have bought my eBook and club/eBook bundle.



These are just some of the reviews that I have received you can read more at the reviews tab on the book listings in the store here

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