Hand Sanitiser with Essential Oils

Want to protect your family from germs but without the nasties ? Read on about how to with Essentials Oils.

Hand Sanitiser Recipe

160 grams Aloe Vera Gel
35 grams Witch Hazel
15 drops of Essential Oil (I use a specific protective blend from doTERRA)
Mix together and place into squeezable bottles




? Want to know more about which essential oils I use and how they can benefit you and your family ?
? How you can make amazing products for you like this hand sanitiser and lots more ?
? How you can remove toxic chemicals from your home and around your family ?
? How you can receive free essential oils and other non toxic household items ?

?Check out my essential oils page here for more info

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You can purchase the ingredients and bottles from various places. I purchased the aloe vera gel and squeezable bottles from Aussie Soap Supplies.

Check out my recipe for Making Foamy Hand Wash here

Do you DIY ? what products do you make ?



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