Left Over Roast Pork RAGU with Mashed Potato ( Cuisine Companion )

This is such an easy and awesome winter meal to whip up.using your left over Roast Pork Towards the end of cooking in the Slow Cooker you can whip up some beautiful creamy mashed potato in your Tefal Cuisine Companion.



Left Over Slow Cooker Roast Pork Ragu

2 Celery
2 Carrot
1 Onion
1 Capsicum
1 Zucchini
2-4 Mushrooms
1-2 Garlic Cloves
400-600 Roast Pork (whatever is left over) chopped into small pieces
Left over Prosciutto Or Bacon or omit
Bottle of Passatta
250g Water ( rinse out the Passatta bottle )
Mixed herbs – Rosemary , Thyme , Sage , Parsley , Black Pepper
20 -30 g Tamari Sauce ( optional )
20 – 30 g Vege Paste Stock ( optional )
1 tablespoon of Tumeric ( I use this in all my stew, casserole type recipes now – the benefits of tumeric are amazing – see below) Besides adding some zing to your dishes it has some awesome health benefits with research showing it may help to ward off Alzheimers reducing heart disease / strokes , reduce inflammation, fight colds and flus , prevent/reduce diabetes and help to prevent cancer with its anti-inflammatory properties  )

Into your slow cooker add in the diced vegetables, diced Pork ( or strips if you prefer )  , Passatta, Water, Tamari and Herbs and Spices and cook on slow for 6 hrs until meat is tender and vegetables cooked and sauce reduced.



Mashed Potato


40-60g Butter
80g -100g Milk
500-700g Potato ( approximately 4-6 potatoes ) Note: I find Dutch Gold the best 
700mls Water
Seasoning – salt and pepper


Put 700mls ( first line in the CC bowl ) – it doesn’t matter if its just over

Chop approx 600g Potatoes into small pieces ( again anywhere between 500 and 700 is fine )
Place them into the Steamer Basket inside the CC
Launch the Steam Program 1 for 30 minutes – make sure potato is cooked If not continue for another 5 minutes or so
Empty Water out and place Whisk attachment in and place Potatoes in the CC bowl and mix speed 6 for approximately 30 seconds
Add in the milk and butter and any seasoning and mix speed 8 for 30 seconds . Ensure whipped to perfection if not continue for another 10 seconds or so.