Simple Plain Bread Rolls Cuisine Companion


300g water
10g dried yeast ( I use Lowans )
20g Maple Syrup
550g Plain Flour
40g Olive Oil
1 tsp Salt




Heat water on speed 6 at 40 degrees for 2 Minutes
Add everything else in the order as above
Using Pastry Programme  1 – set for 2 and half minutes
When Finished turn off and remove dough
Place dough into a oiled bowl and cover with Beeswax Wrap OR gladwrap (lightly spray glad wrap so it doesn’t stick to top of dough when it rises

Shape out into rolls

Allow to rise and brush  lightly with oil or milk. Leave plain or sprinkle Poppy Seeds, Chia Seeds or Sesame Seeds or a mix of any or all !
Pop into a preheated 190degree oven for around 20 minutes.


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Another Batch some with seeds some without. These were made into smaller dinner size round rolls