Lightly Curried Pumpkin Soup in the Cuisine Companion

I have been making this recipe for decades ! That makes me sound very old ! But I used to make it on a single girls budget in my little flat ! I’ve developed it over the years and moved from Microwave / Blender to Thermomix to the Tefal Cuisine Companion !

This was such a popular recipe with the version for the Thermomix I am sure it will be a winner for the Cuisine Companion.

I am loving the automatic function of the Cuisine Companion !

800g Butternut Pumpkin peeled
650 g Water
30g Chicken Stock Paste (you can use vege stock paste)
2 cloves of Garlic
1/2 – 1 teaspoon curry powder I use Babas Meat Curry Powder as its got an amazing smoothness to it. A friend introduced me to it its very popular in a lot of Indian / Asian Stores.
80g Cream


Add everything except cream and launch Soup p1 program 35 minutes
At end of programme Remove stopper and pour through cream and mix speed 4 at 100 degrees for 1 minute






HINT: Buy a Large Pumpkin that will yield 1600g of pure pumpkin

Use half for today’s soup and freeze the other 800g along with the garlic, curry powder and chicken stock paste !

Soup ready to go ! Just add water – Just add it all in together during the blitzing process

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