Long Pasta in the Cuisine Companion

I first posted about cooking long pasta when I posted my Chicken  Stroganoff  Fettuccini Recipe HERE  Even the people at Tefal to their knowledge had not seen it being done this way in the Cuisine Companion.

It was something I regularly did in the Thermomix so I thought why not give it a whirl in the Cuisine Companion ! I found it better because the bowl is a wider bowl and the fact that you could use the Stirrer attachment rather than a blade it didn’t stick to the blade at the end .

One of the first things people tend to say is why would you want to do the pasta that way just throw it in a saucepan ! – Well it uses the same amount of dishes Its just a pot and lid the same as on the stove . So its no difference in what you have to wash and wipe up. It takes aggggeeeeeeesssssss to boil a large pot of water this is just as quick if not quicker !
AND the big plus ? You don’t have to babysit it ! ! It takes care of itself No stirring needed by you.

If I was an authentic Italian Mama in Italy would I want to cook my pasta this way ? Probably not I would want to do it the traditional way 😉 But being a Mama in Australia with a busy life this way is perfectly acceptable and you can achieve Al Dente Pasta just play with the timing to suit your own tastes

See how Quiet it is


Place 1.5 Litres of water and approx half a tablespoon of olive oil
( leave stirring attachment in  – or place in second step when the water has boiled )

Heat the water at speed 3 at 100 degrees for 10-12 minutes ( start at 10 and if boiling temp them its ready if not do another 2 minutes – it all depends on temp of your water to start with ! )

Add in a pinch of Salt through the hole in the lid and then weigh out 350g to 400g  of your long dried pasta and place through the hole upright


Cook at speed 3 at 100 degrees for 10 minutes .

Your pasta will go down as it starts to get cooked and soften in the bowl. After a couple of minutes you can just push down on a few of the pasta strands to help it along as the fettuccini is very thick .





Remove stirrer and Drain as per normal

Have you made pasta this way ?  Let me know how you go if you try it

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