Cuisine Companion Hot Wet Rice

HaHa But this literally is HOT WET RICE ! ….

This method is so easy for cooking rice in your Tefal Cuisine Companion! There is an absorption method and then there is this method for steaming. Now you can either do this solo or with the new External Steamer to make amazing dishes .

I’ve done this one solo for you today to show you how easy this way is and whilst I excitedly wait for my new External Steamer to arrive.

One of the amazing things I would love to show you is how QUIET the Cuisine Companion is .


This is cooking Risotto Rice to do some Aranchini with later on.

Line your Internal Steamer with Baking Paper

Next weigh in your rice – I have 200g of Risotto Rice


Weigh in your water to your Cuisine Companion Bowl – 700 g

Weigh in your water to add to the rice – 300g of water.  I did this directly into the Steamer Basket on the scales but it can be tricky moving the basket to the bowl so just weight out the water in a jug and pour in the basket once in the bowl


Launch the P2 Steam Programme for 20 minutes


Voila – Hot Wet Rice !

Lift out the Basket – careful of the steam and heat


Tip out into your dish and fluff

Beautiful Easy Hot Wet Rice.

I will be uploading lots of recipes using the steam function so don’t forget to save the blog to your favourites and sign up to the newsletter to get all the updates .



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