Making your own Foamy Hand Wash Soap

As you may know I love to use my Thermomix to make healthy meals and also products for the home like my Washing Powder Recipe

I recently decided to start making some other products for the home , these don’t require the Thermomix!

I highly recommend that you purchase your products needed from this company Aussie Soap Supplies  They are based in WA and you can collect or you can purchase from anywhere and have the items sent to you and very quickly might I add!
Please Note – this post is not a paid review post in any way. I am just so delighted with this companies ethos and products I wanted to share with you all 🙂

So all of these products used in this recipe I purchased from Aussie Soap Supplies except for the Essential Oils.  I used an essential oil known as protective blend which is good as a antibacterial foamy soap.

You can also visit Aussie Soap Supplies on Facebook Here – you can tell them I sent you if you like 😉

So recipe for Foamy Hand Wash

Boil your kettle..

You will need:

Foamy Bottles – for Each foamy bottle you will need the following –

2 Tablespoons of Castille Coco Olive Soap -this soap is Organic and Palm Free
1 Tablespoon of FCO ( Fractionated Coconut Oil ) Palm Free or other oils – I think I will use a more nourishing oil next time like Jojoba or Almond { edited to add that Aussie Soap Supplies advised they do not recommend using FCO – more to come on this later }
10 drops of Essential Oil – I used a protective blend one for a Antibacterial one but you could use a mix of any that takes your fancy
2.5 ml of Pearliser  ( vegetable derived natural pearlescent additive )
Boiled Cooled ( but still warm ) water

Start by putting your Castille Soap into the empty Foamy bottle , then the FCO or other oil , then the Pearliser ( if using ) followed by the essential oil/s.

Then  slowly fill ,(  leaving a space for the pump ) with cooled but warm boiled warm water and voila …. Beautiful Foamy Hand wash..

Want to buy a pack ready to go with all the ingredients needed ? Aussie Soap Supplies have one available here Liquid Soap Foamy Pack