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{ Blog Help }

Hi all 🙂 as you know I give all my recipes , advice and information on this facebook page and over here on the blog  completely for free plus I run numerous wonderful giveaways throughout the year.
I pay for my blog and everything that goes into, until recently when the blog was due for renewal  – some amazing people from my blog helped pay for the renewal of the hosting for another year #thankyouagain
The one thing I did have a little help in was  some web help in the form of someones knowledgable in web adminstration. This was provided in exchange for permanent advertising on the blog. Unfortunately that is no longer the case as they closed their business. 😦
There isn’t a lot to do just every now and then if there is an issue or an upgrade that is outside my ability or any other “behind the scene” web admin work that is outside my ability I would need the help.
Also to maximise the 10 000 to 15 000 (average) visitors that come to this blog per month
If this sounds like its for you please send me a email to here EMAIL