Honest to Goodness………

Well Honest to Goodness …. isn’t that a fabulous saying ?

However in the case of the business Honest to Goodness its not just a great saying its their products branding !
I’ve recently had the opportunity to trial some of their products and I absolutely love them.

You will see in many of my recipes I use Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream,  Apple Cider Vinegar,& Maple Syrup ( especially Maple Syrup ! )
Honest to Goodness have sent me these fabulous products to try out and I am thoroughly impressed with their range.

I often make my own Coconut milk from organic Shredded coconut in the Thermomix but there are times when I need a quick can of coconut milk or cream like in this dish below.
This was a quick whip up dish (faster than takeaway and definitely cheaper !)  thrown in the pan and cooked whilst the rice was in the Thermomix !   Using a Jar of my favourite ” Jar in a Hurry” all vegan and natural products from Turban Chopsticks – this was made using their Satay Peanuts to make Satay Chicken. This recipe requires a Can of Coconut Milk. I grabbed my newly arrived Honest to Goodness Coconut Milk and flipped the lid .. but before I poured it into the pan I had a spoonful and wow I was impressed . It actually tasted like fresh coconut milk ! I’ve had various canned coconut milks before and they all had this ” taste” not sure how to describe it except to say that Honest to Goodness’s one doesn’t have it !

I’m certainly very impressed.

You can find the Coconut Milk here Coconut Milk 

For all the other fabulous products talked about here you can find them on their direct links below plus all the other amazing products that Honest to Goodness Stock which I will be using in recipes featured throughout and in new upcoming recipes – so keep an eye out.

Honest to Goodness is a Sydney-based online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of certified organic food & natural food products.

Maple Syrup

Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Cream

Nut Milk Bag

You can also join Honest to Goodness Facebook page HERE





Please Note : whilst this is a review post I did not receive payment for this review.

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