Life Post – Adam Goodes

I’m not a massive footy fan, I like the finals I follow it in the news I’m not a dedicated footy fanatic. So I think from a “outsider” point of view I can see reason rather than being emotionally or sentimentally attached to the situation…

Adam Goodes – A good veteran footy player by a all accounts that has some game play but then there are a great many other players that do as well !

I had posted about it on my facebook page and was admonished by many for daring to speak out against the boo’ing. Being told that he is boo’ed for his terrible playing strategies etc and that its not racial.

I’ve read some people state that there are 71 indigenous people that play footy so why aren’t they boo’ed ? I can’t answer that except to say that I think that some time back when the incident happened with the 13 year old there was some angst caused .

People do make mistakes.

The constant boo’ing from the crowds is not a mistake.

This guy from all accounts is a great footballer. That isn’t being denied. So why is he still being boo’ed ? Setting aside being a veteran footballer the man was Australia of The Year. That in itself deserves far more respect.  You don’t get to be Australian of the Year  without good reason.

What I see here can be likened to bullying. Adam Goodes has asked on more than one occasions publicly for the boo’ing to stop as its affecting him. Rather than people taking that on board and thinking hey this might actually be affecting this guy, they are mocking him ” to harden up” “stop being a sook” etc

Isn’t that being a bully ? thats what happens when people ” cry out” “speak up” ask for those taunting to “stop” only to be taunted more ..

Boo’ing is not Australian. I don’t agree with it be it directed at players , umpires or anyone else. Boo’ing is nothing more than verbally bullying someone ..

What on earth is this teaching our kids at footy matches …. ? I’ve heard TV personalities state that their kids were at the game and “they joined in on the booing” Didn’t know what they were boo’ing for but they joined in …. again I liken that to bullying or people standing by and watching it and doing nothing… or as is the case ” joining in ” Our next generations don’t need to be like that – they can be better.

Its time to stop.

No matter what Adam Goodes doesn’t deserve to end his career being boo’ed out. Give the guy a break.

Stop the boo’ing. Full stop.

Adam I like many others are behind you – the boo’ing needs to stop. Don’t give in to it and don’t end your career on this sour note.


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