Belle Gibson and Tara Brown – That Interview

So… Belle Gibson.

I watched the 60 Minutes interview between Tara Brown and Belle Gibson…

Its got to stop. This public shaming needs to end. There is no doubt that the woman ( Belle)  is a liar and has done the wrong thing AND I personally  have lost a great deal of people to cancer so I don’t need to hear how I wouldn’t understand because I’ve never been affected because I have ( including my Mum )
60 Minutes really didn’t need to do that interview except for ratings. It was cringeworthy watching. Not just because Belle was very strange in her answers and couldn’t really answer straight But because of the way Tara questioned her.

I ended up feeling slightly sorry for Belle. Its been all over the morning shows and numerous online papers and sites today.
All Hating on her. Shaming her.
The majority of us do not even know her and were not directly affected by her. Even if people bought her book or app from what I am told there were excellent recipes on there. So people still got something for their $ – The only people that are affected directly by this are those people ( their family and friends ) who had cancer and listened to her BS.
Other than that it doesn’t affect the rest of us not to the degree that people are responding to it.
The hateful hateful words that people are throwing around saying they wish she would get cancer and die , REALLY ?
The hateful hateful words saying they wish her child was taken away from her REALLY ?

I am sure I will get the obligatory “well why you are continuing it by writing this post ” …. etc
I’m not writing it to “shame” Belle I’m commenting on a 60 minutes tv segment that I thought really shouldn’t have happened, Its been reported “widely” that she was paid $45K for that interview but yet it has been stated elsewhere that she was not paid.
If she was paid frankly shame on 60 Minutes for exploiting the situation and of a possibly mentally unwell, definitely unbalanced young woman. Whether she is 23 or 26 its still a young woman. That whole line of questioning re her age was really difficult to watch.

There is no doubt at all that Belle Gibson did the wrong thing and continued to do the wrong thing but the continual vitriol and shaming that is going on publicly and worse by the media in my opinion is deplorable.

The word seems so full of people so angry and unhappy in their own lives that when someone does something wrong they unleash all their anger on that person.
Or perhaps people enjoy posting nastiness online and attacking people so that they continue to be engaged in anger ? I don’t know but all of the anger that is seen online is ( in my opinion ) spilling over into real life. The anger that is seen on our tv’s of people in fights when they are out (escalated by alcohol or drugs) is on the increase in a dramatic incline.

People seem to be less tolerant.

People seem to enjoy shaming people.

That’s sad.

Belle Gibson did something extremely wrong. There is no denying that. I hope that someone (rather than exploiting all that anger out there for ratings ) will do something to get her some help with a professional medical person rather than adding to what seems to be a very unbalanced young woman.
How soon people forget what happens when people in the spotlight are continually shamed……
No one knows what is someone else’s tipping point……….

I think its time to put away the tar and feathers….



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4 thoughts on “Belle Gibson and Tara Brown – That Interview

  1. Absolutely! Well said! I couldn’t agree more! 60 mins and Tara Brown should be ashamed of themselves quite frankly. To take someone who is obviously so mentally unwell and who obviously needs a great deal of help and to pound her as if she were some kind of unprincipled politician is reprehensible. Thank you for what you have written – I sincerely hope the producers take serious note!


  2. Excellent article I completely agree with your point of view. Hopefully people will read this and look at the issue from another perspective.


  3. I agree completely, I felt that she had no idea what she was getting herself into by agreeing to do the interview. It appeared to be some sort of ambush on a woman who doesn’t have experience with interviews. Yes she lied to people but she clearly is unwell and has no concept of reality. People are always brave when hiding behind an online profile.


  4. I’ve refrained from commenting on any other public sites for fear of backlash on my views. I was watching the 60 Minutes/Belle Gibson interview and it was cringeworthy and uneasy viewing – I felt I was watching something that should be private, between Belle and her chosen medical professional. At one point I said to my husband who was sitting on the lounge reading a book, “are you watching this?” he said, “I’ve watched a few minutes, it’s like watching someone kick a dead dog. It’s really cruel TV”. And he’s right. I felt odd after. Like you’ve seen something not right and don’t know what to do. I agree that what she did was terribly wrong, preying on vulnerable people. I agree she shouldn’t profit. I agree she needs help. And I wish she would acknowledge/see that. I even agree that what she did is probably fraud and should be appropriately punished. However the obvious disdain, the epic eye rolling, and total contempt displayed across the interview made me wonder why Tara agreed to the interview when she was so opposed? The public berating / public kicking / public flogging is hard to stomach. We all talk about bullying in the workplace and school and trying to stamp it out. But bullying in the media and social media seems entirely acceptable to everyone. I repeat I am not condoning what she did and agree there needs to be appropriate punishment for her and she needs to sort out her underlying issues, but this interview did nothing for me.


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