Easy As Pancakes

I call these Easy As Pancakes. The mixture is much of muchness to all pancake recipes. You can’t really go wrong with pancakes. It’s the basics of flour , milk and an egg. You can however sub things to suit your taste, your diet, your lifestyle of food choice etc

Recently I have started buying Spelt Flour again. I used to buy it in a store in Perth All About Bread when I used to make my own Bread in my Panasonic bread maker (many years ago)  Since getting my Thermomix nearly 3 years ago  I’ve used whole grains milled , Wholemeal flours, White Bakers flours and mixed it up a little.   Today I decided to use Spelt in these pancakes. You can use whatever flour you like , same with the milk portion you can use regular or other milks if you like.
This is a “healthier food style” recipe .

You’ll notice that phrase a lot on the blog now. I don’t follow a diet.  I came up with Healthier Food Style.  It encompasses what I like to make and what we like to eat.

Easy As Pancakes – Ingredients

130g Spelt flour – I used 65g of Wholemeal Spelt Flour and 65g White Spelt Flour.
1tsp Baking Powder
240g Buttermilk
1 egg (at the end of the post I have included a chart for various egg subs if you are allergic)

Throw in all the ingredients in the Thermomix and mix sped 5 for 30 seconds – you won’t need to mix as long if using regular flour.

It should look like this consistency wise


Make sure your pan is Hot. There was absolutely no need to oil or grease the pan. I used just under a 1/4 of a cup of mix per pancake

Drop into frypan


Once bubbles start appearing you know its time to turn over


Keep your pancakes stacked and dress with whatever you like.

We love

Just Maple Syrup

Just Honey

Lemon and a teeny sprinkling of sugar

Blueberries – make sure you set aside some of the batter and mix through some blueberries and cook last

Grated Apple – set aside some batter and mix through and cook after the plain pancakes



What do you like on your pancakes ?

A great chart for Egg Substitutions