Chocolate Baked Donuts with Choc Maple Glaze

300g Flour
80 g Light Moscovado Sugar ( I tried this out for the first time. Billingtons Brand. – you can use Rapadura or Raw Sugar)
20g Raw Cacao Powder ( not Cocoa)
1 tsp Baking Soda
2 tsp Baking Powder ( EDC Recipe)
Pinch of Salt
2 Eggs
5g Vanilla Extract ( recipe HERE )
240 Buttermilk (left over after making my spreadable butter recipe HERE )
60g Cooled Melted Butter

Place all dry ingredients in bowl and mix speed 5 for around 10 secs

Add Wet ingredients and mix speed 5 for 20-30 seconds Stop and Scrape down half way


Spray your donut trays lightly or even better wipe with butter 🙂 or make some extra melted butter and brush on

You can either pour into a plastic bag and snip end and pour around the donut trays OR you can just use a tall jug with spout which is what I did – save the plastic ! If any of the mix goes across the top in the middle of the donut just wipe away .

Fill about 2/3rds of the way up Makes between 20 and 24


Place in preheated 180degree oven for around 8-9 minutes until donut springs back or a skewer comes out clean.

These are delicious plain 🙂 They are light and fluffy. Or you can use a lovely Maple Glaze.


Choc Maple Glaze

150g Icing Sugar – you can make your own from Raw Sugar , ( see notes below)
15g Maple Syrup
15g Buttermilk

Mix together on speed 5 until combined and smooth add more buttermilk and maple syrup as required


NOTES :  I made the Icing Sugar today from Billingtons Caster Sugar you can see how white it is from a brown coloured sugar – but I didn’t like the taste – Billingtons Caster Sugar is reportedly better than regular white sugar.
I’m not a big sugar person I just don’t like it . I prefer Things like Maple Syrup , Rice Malt Syrup , Dates etc for sweeteners but sometimes Sugar is best for recipes.
Personally for me I would just dip the tops in melted chocolate 🙂