Do you Juice ?

Do you juice ? I just made up another batch of Green Juice or is it a smoothie? Am I going to turn into the Green Hulk 😮

I’m not really up with all of it . I have never in fact even had a Boost Juice ! However this little number I discovered one day when chatting with Judy Davis from The Greengrocers Diet
I bought her book too. I wasn’t going to ! I have a weakness for Cookbooks I collect them (and then hardly use them shhhhhh ) But she was so lovely and she was demo-ing Green Juices.. So yep I got suckered into the whole Juicing craze and started making Green Juices !
( might as well go in hard I say !)
I will say I am not loving it like ohhhh say like Lindt chocolate for example but…
A) I know its very good for you
B) Its very good for you !
This recipe is quite tasty. Its the one that Judy was doing that I just tweaked a little  and today I put in 3/4’s of an apple , 5 dates , a whole lime and half a cucumber…
I think Green Juices are much of a muchness really so add what you like.. there are plenty of variations on line – try this one first
A Lot of people use Vitamix’s for Juicing , I don’t have a Vitamix they range from around $1400 to $1800 and I already have a Thermomix which I scrimped and saved for and makes really good Juice ! The trick is Ice and Water 😉

Go ahead and try it I dare you 😉

Recipe link is below click on the photo

Do you juice ? whats your favourite recipe ? 

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