The Muddied Waters of Wellness , Healthy Eating and Diseases..

Its going to be one of “those” posts. But when I see other people posting questionable matter well it goes with out saying I might say something ::-o

I can’t be silent on this one.

I have seen many people that I have followed their pages/blogs start posting “all of a sudden” about Weston A Price. They are posting using this site referencing it  as a debunk to the Vitamin A debate in the controversial book that has been recently pulled !
The Vitamin A literature is a page of waffle leading people around on a merry go round without really saying anything of substance !
We (as in fellow Perth people)  just lost a 4 week old baby here in Perth as in it DIED from Whooping cough because people are being swept up in this fear mongering about vaccines. 4 weeks is too young to have whopping cough vaccine.

Quoting from their (as in Weston Price Foundation)  anti vaccine rant

“Childhood diseases are either mild or non-existent when parents practice the kind of good nutrition that we advocate. Diets rich in vitamins A and C can protect children against disease much better than vaccinations, and with side effects that are good, never harmful. Public health policy should be aimed at accurate information about nutrition, not the promotion of vaccinations that actually suppress the immune system and often have tragic side effects.”

Really ? Tell that to Riley’s mum and dad will you !!!!!

And Tragic side effects ? are they hinting at that debunked autism link  ? Come on!

There are just some things that shouldn’t be messed with.
Vaccinations have stamped out the likes of Polio , Cholera , TB, Small pox etc
I’m all for alternative therapies, eating whole foods , discussing the vaccine schedule with your Doctor ( example we didn’t do the Rotavirus – our Medical Practitioner agreed with us that as we weren’t in high public contact area like Day care we really didn’t need to ) But for all the vaccines that protect from age old diseases Polio Diphtheria Measles Mumps It is just outrageous to suggest that eating a diet rich in A and C will protect your babies – Absolutely Outrageous.

Weston A Price was born in 1870 and was a dentist. From my own personal experience I personally believe he was onto something in regards to Endodontics and the correlation between root canals and issues with the body and health.
From my OWN personal experience. However I do not go around telling people not to have root canals despite what happened to me. I know a number of people who have had root canals and have never had a issue. I on the other hand went through hell ! My body rejected it and set a chain of reactions in my body until not only was the root canal was removed but so was the dead tooth ! Trust me it took a lot to get to that point as I now feel self conscious  with a missing tooth . Dentistry has come a long way and through my wonderful doctor who is an amalgam free dentistry practice and practices preventative dentistry and does numerous courses to improve all the time I now have a singular denture to wear when stepping out and can smile with confidence !
Despite my personal terrible experience with root canals and my opinion on them I would not advise anyone to not have it done. I would tell them my experience and ask them to discuss their options/concerns with their Professional Dentist and then make informed choices.

Back to Weston A Price…..

However Weston A Price died in 1948 – 67 years ago These people that work in his name at his foundation didn’t even SPEAK to him and “the foundation” took things off onto a whole other plane….

The President and Treasurer and On Board of Directors and who pushes the message of this foundation is
Sally Fallon Morell, MA , is a journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker, and community activist
No where in that do I see anything about MEDICALLY QUALIFIED

There is such good in a lot of the nutritional messages that they pump put and then there is the totally dangerous and irresponsible message that they are sending out.

Whole Foods, Real Food , Alternative Therapies will help to heal .. but they will not cure Cancer – I’m sorry but they just won’t not on their own.

Whole Foods, Real Food, Alternative Therapies will help to prevent disease… but hey will not prevent diseases like Measles,Mumps,Chicken Pox, Polio,Whooping Cough, Meningitis- I’m sorry but they just won’t not on their own. You need to vaccinate if you want to prevent these things.  ( or in some cases like chicken pox you may still get a “mild” dose – just before anyone throws that up 😉 – and i those cases if you are eating whole foods and not processed junk then you will be likely  to reduce it even further ! and certainly help speed the healing time !)

There are a lot of good intentioned people out there in the wide wide web and then there are lot of people who are just jumping on the wellness wagon. None of these people will cure you of cancer. I’m truly sorry but they just won’t.
What they will do for you however is help your body be at its best nutritionally to help to fight the horrible disease.
They will help you lessen your risk of getting sick. They won’t prevent it necessarily but they will help lessen risks of getting sick
When your body is healthy it responds better to medicine
When your body is healthy it responds better to avoiding getting sick like colds and things.

Don’t not vaccinate. It isn’t just about you.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Just don’t follow pages . people, blogs and think because they believe in something it must be ok , that it must be true….Do your own research and speak to a medical professional and discuss your concerns FIRST.

I embrace traditional medicine AND Alternative Therapies. Not just one or the other.Nothing is ever as black & white as that.

Please don’t stop treatments or say no to vaccines because of blogs and Facebook pages and people with large followings !

Edited to add this in – This article here is exactly what I am talking about FEARMONGERING look at all these people that want to have their teeth ripped out now 😦 – AND I am someone who doesn’t believe Root Canals are good for you AT ALL ! but you can NOT go around writing articles like this and frightening people

Do your Research into Conventional AND Alternative and use a combination ……

Be Healthy

Be Happy



Read Weston A Price Foundations Anti Vaccination Stance here 





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