One step at a time …..

Really been thinking about the issues with food , food manufacturing , labelling etc…
How far do we take it ? It seems like such a major MAJOR issue to change.
When buying food for your pets what about the food for them ? not everyone has the time to make their own dog food and dog treats or cat food or horse food or animals on the farms food ..
If you read some of the labels on some pet food its scary whats in there.
I was talking to some one in a non supermarket whose has been in the industry and worked for the big supermarkets. They told me that Coles/Woolies etc will take a grower buy their food at a certain price and then offer to help them out , make them bigger ,expand their land so they can grow more and sell more etc and then when they are bigger coles/woolies will turn around and dictate what they will now pay for the produce and they can because – well because they own them now ! The grower has no choice.
There is so much going on in big supermarkets that we have no idea about.
Its beyond store level as well.
WE have to vote with out feet. I hear people when they say its hard, they can’t afford to shop around , they don’t have time to do it etc, but making small changes “where you can” little by little will make a difference. The more we do things the more second nature it becomes to us and the easier it becomes for us.
For those that don’t know this story – this is my story on Sue Dengate’s Fed Up Page. My journey to change started here in 2008
Each year I have improved my health journey. I don’t cut out entire food groups (unless I am allergic) I don’t eat a lot of “raw” food except for fruit and veggies. Sometimes I will make something that appeals to me but its not my main focus. My main focus is to eat well, eat as healthy as I can , eat whole food , eat wholesome foods , cut out sugar as much as possible (as in adding sugar to foods.) I still eat chocolate (when I am not making my own) I still buy ice-cream ( when not making my own) but I try to make the “best choice”
I also don’t have it regularly.
I think when we deny ourself something like this a bit of chocolate , a bit of icecream , a desert here and there it can affect you in other areas of your well being. ( not everyone of course as some people don’t want that bit of chocolate or want that bit of ice-cream or desert etc)
As I said I started my journey on this path back in 2008 when I contacted Sue and I have slowly been cutting out, changing things, swapping things bit by bit.
Since getting my Thermomix in 2012 I took that up a notch to making things from scratch.
But I’m not perfect and I’m not running a “health” blog or “special diets” I’m just doing my bit “bit by bit” and hopefully encouraging others along the way
I do encourage you to start to make those changes at the “supermarkets” by finding alternatives , purchasing 100% Australian Made / grown ( where possible) and just putting in that little bit of effort to make changes so that we can have a better future for our future generations

My story at Fed Up