Healthy eating isn’t a disorder unless you make it so…

This has been doing the rounds today in Facebook land !
However as you can see it was doing the rounds in 2009 – this link HERE
The thing is that as with everything people jump on the wagon and start hammering something. Either For or Against !
From what I get from reading this articles its not “attacking” people for eating healthy for changing their lifestyle and shifting it to a healthy and positive one.
What its saying as with *Everything* in life some people take some things “too far” and end up causing a issue for themselves.
I do think that people who will spend 3 hours or more solid DAILY googling about “clean eating” or those that will feel complete panic and guilt if they let anything pass their lips that hasn’t been prepares a certain way etc or if they are rigid in their thoughts on food and won’t listen to anyone else and in fact tell other people they have a problem do in fact have a problem with “food” –  is why it been labeled orthorexia because as we know everyone loves a label for everything !
There are some people who ARE making themselves sick from worry to do with food. No matter what anyone says that can NOT be good for their mental well being.
I think this sums it up rather well for me

“Seek a compromise. Even if you’re stuck at a place where there’s seemingly “nothing to eat,” you can still find a way to take care of yourself — even if that means grabbing a fast-food salad, says Krongberg”

When ever you are so rigid in your beliefs and actions on those beliefs it can never be a good thing in a
Whole – istic” way.
I do think that the people who have written the “recent” articles in attacking way are not seeing the “whole picture”
Its also not a “new thing”

I’ve written a number of posts on my blog about sensible eating. Eating whole foods Eating Real Foods
I firmly believe that cutting out processed foods , eating sustainable foods where possible, eating real food, whole foods , cutting down the amount of sugars in our diet , watching what we put on our bodies , trying  to care for the environment  is the way to live a healthier and happier life.

Hammering at the health professionals for sticking a label on something  that is probably accurate is sad and probably quite detrimental. After all its not people in general that who eat clean and healthy, its just for those people who are taking it to a whole other level and they can’t function without being that way all the time – 100%
Just as people who have issues with food in any other way