Nut Free School Lunches and Snacks

School is back next week in WA for some states its back this week. If you have a nut free school then you need nut free school lunches

I have quite a few recipes on the blog but I thought I might do a post dedicated to it so you can find it easily.

I don’t eat red meat , kids need food with no nuts so I developed these no nut “not sausage” rolls there are two varieties here

This would be my personal favorite Version 1


Then there is this second version which has No bread and No Oats ! Version 2



Scrolls – Now I can’t believe how expensive these are ! I saw at a certain bakery recently that they are $9.50 for 6 !! Really !!! I make around 18 for a fraction of that cost ! I make a mix of Vegemite and Cheese and then some Pizza scrolls with Thermomix Homemade Pizza Tomato Sauce some bacon bits and Cheese . You can use anything ! If your kids like olives and sundried tomatoes use those too. Recipe is HERE


Healthier Savoury Scrolls and Apple Custard Scrolls – I’d probably keep the Apple Custard rolls as a afternoon treat as they are little messy ! Recipe Here


Prosciutto Wrapped Zucchini Bites – Recipe HERE


Chicken Nugget Surprise – Recipe HERE

Chicken Nugget Surpirse
Chicken Nugget Surprise


Zucchini Slice – Recipe HERE



Thermoblitz Bars – Remove the Nuts portion and replace with more dried fruit Recipe HERE


My Fave Muesli Slice 0 Egg Free and Nut Free – Recipe HERE


No Sugar Cupcakes ( No refined sugar) – Recipe HERE



Well there’s a few of the recipes I send my children to school with šŸ™‚ They also have left over Pizza I have a couple of recipes on my blog just put Pizza in the Search Box.

I hope you’re back to school journey goes well.

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