Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan Spare Their Lives

I’m posting this on my blog . I can’t ignore it.

I highly doubt that the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo will read this either but I just need to post this.

Two young men are likely to be put to death in the next week by a firing squad. I don’t have much to say except I hope it doesn’t happen. I hope there is a 11th hour save , I hope there is a change of mind.

These photos are those young men… as a Mother of a little boy I just can’t imagine the Mothers pain. No Mother raises their boy imagining that their lives will take this turn.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.40.48 pm

These Men were in the wrong no doubt about it.  I would hope that even if I had a loved one that died from Heroin I could somehow have compassion for these men. Sometimes money does stupid things to people , makes them do stupid things..

Compassion and Peace is what is needed in this world. Where has it all gone ?

People that directly murder someone , destroy lives with their pedophilia and other horrific crimes are allowed to live but yet these young men are set to face a firing squad.

They were 21 and 23 at the time of their crime. I don’t know about you but I made stupid choices at that age. No I didn’t traffic drugs, I didn’t even do drugs but I made stupid choices because I was 21 and 23 .. things I would never do now …

Should they be punished YES – even 20 years in that hell hole of a jail would be a massive punishment (certainly way harder than our country !)  But do they deserve Death by firing squad , by execution ? do their families deserve that ?


They do not

I am keeping everything crossed and saying a few silent prayers that these young men’s lives are spared.

I hope you will have some compassion too.

This is a Perth news story about these young men


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