Back to School Lunches and Spreadable Butter

I’ve probably mentioned this a few times over the past years but I absolutely love making butter in the Thermomix, more to the point my Spreadable Butter. I haven’t bought any sort of spreadable butter / margarine / nuttalex since I can’t remember when ! Its just far too easy to thrown in a carton of cream , oil , water and bam ! So below is the links to the recipes for my spreadable butter AND I’ve also posted the links to my Bread Loaves and Bread Rolls for times you want to make sandwiches #thermoblitz #thermomix #backtoschool2015

Spreadable Butter – Simple Ingredients and so easy to do. You get Buttermilk for making Cakes , pancakes , bread etc and then your spreadable butter for all your sandwiches , toast and other things


Wholemeal/White/Chia Mix Loaf – My Kids love this bread. It freezes well too


Deliciously Soft Thermomix Rolls


There are lots of other posts on my blog as well with other rolls, Healthy Hot Dog Rolls, Fruit Toast that can be used for school as well. All freeze well.

If you’ve made any of these please let me know what you thought and how often you make then I’d love to hear x