Christmas Thermomix Gift Ideas

Just  a few ideas for Christmas gifts that are easy to make in your Thermomix – You don’t always have to give “christmassy” gifts people will appreciate homemade gifts and you can dress them up anyway you like with “christmassy” decorations.
You can purchase various shapes and size bottles from various online places and in stores as well. Don’t forget to keep and reuse pretty bottles you receive !
Ensure you sterilize your bottles and lids properly with any of the sterilizing methods available , Oven, Boiling, Dishwasher etc
These are just a few and if I get some more time in between making all my gifts 😉 I’ll update this post . Feel Free to add yours in the comments and share too 🙂

Cost Saving Drinking Chocolate recipe is HERE

Vanilla Extract – Recipe HERE

Tomato Chutney – Recipe HERE – this is recipe I found on Recipe Community and I have made it a number of times – its a winner !

Garam Masala – Recipe HERE  Another recipe on the Recipe community or you can use the one in the Indian Cookbook by Thermomix

Christmas gifts