Cherry Chocolate Mini Cakes

I love it when you can make something and then immediately make something else without having to wash the bowl out . I love it when there is only 1 step in the method and you can add ALL the ingredients in one go….

So I was whipping up a batch of my Spreadable Butter – recipe HERE

I also decided to play around with my usual qty’s of oil and water – I used only 100g Macadamia Oil and 100 g water and the consistency is still awesome. (water costs less than oil 😉 )

After making your Spreadable butter don’t wash out the bowl just add into the bowl as is the following in the following order

60g macadamia oil
150g self raising flour
1tsp baking powder
25g cacao
120g buttermilk
60g organic maple syrup
3 eggs
Half tsp vanilla extract

Mix on speed 6 for around 20 secs, make sure all mixed if not use spatula scrape down and mix for 5 secs

Scoop out into a plastic zip lock bag or piping bag and pipe into mini patty cases around 3/4 full

Chop up some good quality chocolate I used Lindt 80% just random small odd shaped pieces about the size of half to full 5 cent piece and pop into your mini cake

De pit your cherries and place half a cherry into each mini cake

I did these a couple of different ways.

I filled the patty cases and then popped the chocolate in and the cherry on top

I filled the patty cake to a 1/4 full and then added the chocolate and cherry and then filled in over the top

Play around and see which you prefer.

Bake in a preheated 175/180 degree oven for around 10 minutes . Check with skewer and if clean when it comes out they are done 🙂

*Not sure why the Christmas Tree photo they were so “dark” ! I dusted them lightly with icing sugar too…