Competitions , Giveaways and Facebooks “Like Gate”

Competitions will change from November. Facebook is canning “likegate” There are pros and cons by various people.
When there is a competition that you enter and there is between 10 and 30 pages to like just to enter I do personally find that annoying
However if it is for a major prize like Holiday or something and those pages all contributed to the cost of the prize then I guess that is where they are “paying” for their exposure online (as such)
However then you will get those 10-30 pages coming up in your newsfeed and for example if its for “baby items” or a “photography studio in another state” then I find that annoying because i will Not be using those businesses and have no interest in them, so I then will gradually unlike them and weed them out.
With my competitions I am giving away products that are designed around cooking and the Thermomix so therefore you would expect that those pages that are being asked to be liked which is usually only 2 ! would be warranted.
Of course there is no way to then actually discern between the two and so its either all or none.
It will hurt little pages like mine and small businesses because FB and competitions/ giveaways are a wonderful tool for gaining exposure at little to no cost
I don’t agree with the massive “fan likes of 10- 30”
All in all I think this will be a good move although its going to have a slight impact on my page.

Check out this link of what some top experts say about this Like Gate Ban

What do you think ? is it going to affect you ?



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