Natural RAW C Coconut Water – is it any good ?

I’m sure you all saw my post recently in regards to the show on TV regarding Coconut Water. It was quite a revelation in regards to the impurities regarding various coconut water brands.

I had not tried Natural RAW C Coconut water and didn’t know a great deal about it.

The awesome people at Natural RAW C decided that should change and sent me some of their fabulous RAW C Coconut Water to try, review and Giveaway if I thought it was up to the hype !

I tasted it unrefrigerated, refrigerated and then made up a ‘mocktail” recipe – I thought I should give it a variety of ways of drinking it to really review it properly !

I also gave a glass to my husband to try unrefrigerated , who said he would enjoy a glass in the mornings either cold or as is. Being a heart healthy drink this is so important for him, as he loves a glass of juice in the mornings but this will be so much better and nutritious !

I enjoyed it cold, also with ice and definitely in my Mocktail !  I think that this is going to be a big inclusion in our summer days.

If you like Coconut you will love this and even if you aren’t a big coconut fan I think you will still love having this as its not overly coconutty. Its so good for you with no added sugar and no preservatives!

This is Natural RAW C’s official Response to the Today Tonight show on Coconut Water

Just so you know at the moment and until the end of August you can purchase a carton of 12x330ml at 30% OFF!!

Free delivery in NSW & a flat $6.95 fee everywhere else in Australia for as many boxes as you like.

Go to to purchase and Type in the code: gmofree & press apply coupon

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3 thoughts on “Natural RAW C Coconut Water – is it any good ?

  1. I tried to order via their site this morning and the gmofree coupon didn’t reduce the price. Has it been tested yet?


  2. I found my mistake – tried to order 12 x 1 litre cartons – have rectified thanks and ordered 2 of the 330ml. Can’t wait to taste it!


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