Ravioli and a Lesson on Tools of the Trade

I’ve had this Pasta maker since before me moved 6months ago. I knew that I would love to have a go at making my own Pasta, something I had never attempted in my life and wouldn’t have considered doing pre Thermomix days!
I had seen  a great recipe in the Thermomix Full Steam ahead book and thought I would give that a go with a bit of my own tweaking to suit our family, well ok ME! because I don’t eat Red Meat !

I had bought the Ricotta in readiness for today. (Baby Steps ! – I’ll try making my own Ricotta in the Thermomix next time !) Today was the day ! to make Pasta I was excited ! I was revved up, fully ready for embarking on my new Pasta Making Journey and turning into a double of an Italian Mumma straight out of Rome!

I made the dough – Success – beautiful and so easy (of course) in the Thermomix. I then got out my new gadget ( of 6months !) and took it out of the box ( I had washed and dried it all previously) Set it on my bench on my non slip Ikea Pastry mat , whilst I read the instruction which said “Turn the dial to 9 the widest size” What ? what 9 ?  it only goes up to 7.. I think maybe its a typo and read on but it says in the next step to turn dial down to next setting 8 and then 7 etc so No it wasn’t a typo !.
I decide never mind 7 must be the widest and I will work with that.
Well Needless to say a lot of choice words were said and although after a lot of persistence and improvising I churned out some great Ravioli Pasta Dough Sheets this Machine’s next stop is the BIN!

The handle that you use to turn the dough out falls out ALL the time , the dial that only goes up to 7 comes out and doesn’t hold the size you put it on . The Machine moves and slips , and the clamp that came with it is hopeless – about as useful as the book that was written incorrectly ! (now I know why it was reduced so much ! quite a well known brand but clearly not well made)

I persevered and somehow managed to churn out these strips of pasta dough. However my elation at making my own pasta was slightly sullied !

So the lesson in tools of the trade is this – Sometimes it really does pay to invest a little more and get the right product the first time. I often hear people talking about the expense of the Thermomix but for me personally , whilst your tools are as only as good as the operator I totally believe also that the operator is as only as good as their Tools !!

I thoroughly enjoyed making the pasta despite the machine and I shall be on the look out for a new Pasta making machine ! I shall be working on the perfection of the Ravioli Shapes next time as well

Here is the Ravioli that I made. I used the recipe from the Full Steam Ahead book for the Pasta Dough and then for the filling I used
400g Ricotta
1-2 tsp Lemon Zest
1 Egg
Pink Sea Salt and Black Cracked Pepper
Baby Spinach Leaves.

I added all the ingredients except the baby spinach leaves and mixed on speed 5 for 3 seconds with the butterfly in. I topped it out into a bowl and then blitzed some baby spinach and added it through the ricotta. I placed the bowl in the fridge whilst I got the dough ready.

I then prepared the Pasta dough and placed the Ricotta/Spinach Mix down the middle and proceeded to make the Ravioli.
Its such a simple and easy recipe to make

I cooked the Ravioli today in a Pot of Boiling water as I was busy doing other things and this was a trial run of making the pasta first.

We will be having the Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli for Dinner tonight served with my Hidden Veg Tomato Pasta Sauce
You can find that recipe HERE

Next time I make Ravioli I will be doing it all in one – whilst making the sauce I shall cook the Ravioli Pasta in the Varoma

Easy ! After I get a new Pasta Machine

I’ll update post with a photo with the Ravioli with Sauce