Lots of Changes for the Blog

Just a little update regarding the Thermoblitz Blog.
Hosting has changed ie Bog is now being paid to be hosted  with themes also added and paid for so that there can have better features and ease of use for all the readers 🙂
In the meantime there may still be a few glitches happening … things coming and going ! 😉

Also please note that I have taken the step of advertising on my blog to help (hopefully) pay for its upkeep ! – So if you see some ads please be aware of them and the reason they are there 🙂 They often have some useful things on them and they won’t be too “in your face” Thanks in advance for your understanding 🙂

Hopefully it won’t be to long in sorting it out but in the mean time don’t forget to enter the great giveaway currently running ENTER HERE

Ive extended the competition by 2 days because of the blog being up and down and inaccessible for a day or two

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One thought on “Lots of Changes for the Blog

  1. Just love what Thermomix can do and a giveaway just adds to the pleasure. I think black, white or green accessories would do just fine!


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