StRAWberry Mousse Cheesecake









When I make Raw foods its not because I’m on a special diet its because I like it !

I had 2 punnets of strawberries and I wanted to do something a little different so I came up with this.. Its quite delightful and has gone over very well with family and friends..

Do take note of the way to store and keep it (or you might have a visit to the dentist!)

Ingredients Base

150g Cashews
100g Medjool Dates
75g Coconut

Method Base

Put Cashews in Bowl and Blitz on Speed 5 for 10 secs. Add Dates and Coconut and mix for 2 Minutes on Speed 5

Spread Base into appropriate lined tin and place in Freezer ( I used a square cake tray 22cm x 24cm )

Meanwhile Prepare the Middle Layer

200g Coconut Butter – To make add 200g of Shredded Coconut to your Thermomix Bowl and put on Speed 7 for
1 minute then scrape Sp 6 37 degrees for 3mins or until a “butter” consistency  (if you want to make a larger quantity you can follow Helene’s recipe at Super Kitchen Machines HERE )

2 small Punnets of Strawberries Washed and Hulled and Sliced
1 tsp Vanilla Extract – recipe HERE

Add in with the Coconut Butter and Mix on speed 6 until well mixed through – 30 secs and then scrape and do another 15-30 secs

Pour this over the Base and put back into the freezer

To make this “less hard” you can add in some coconut oil here – so half the coconut butter and half the Coconut oil

Chocolate Topping Ingredients

20g Cacao
100g Coconut Oil
60g Maple Syrup

Chocolate Topping Method

On 37degrees mix on Speed 6 for 40 seconds

Pour over Middle Layer and place back in freezer for around hour or so until its set but not rock hard

Remove from Freezer , remove from tin and cut into small squares (or large ones if you so wish !!) and then pop back in freezer to keep.

When you require pieces to eat pull out of freezer and “thaw” slightly as the middle section will be rock hard !

This Slice is simply delightful , the middle is like a mousse when its “thawed” The flavors all mix well together. You can keep a number of slices out in the fridge for a day or two, but I recommend keeping in the freezer if you will be keeping it for longer than a few days 🙂

Top with sliced strawberries for decoration if you so wish

Enjoy and I’d Love to hear your comments x