Peri Purple Power Pause Smoothie


{New Recipe} Shall we talk Hormones ?
If you’re female read on … if you’re not well perhaps go do something else (read another recipe – or perhaps you have a female in your life you might like to make this for ! )
This is in particular very good for ladies during the “pause” ” Peri , During or After !
I’ve only started taking them today so I can’t vouch for the results yet but the ingredients are definitely geared towards easing “hormones”
And it tastes pretty yum and is definitely filling !
By the way you don’t have to be hormonal to enjoy these !
Don’t be deceived there is no chocolate of any sort in this ! There is also nothing illegal in it !!

This recipe is likely to change as time goes on… so do keep it bookmarked and subscribe to my newsletter…

2 Tblspns Nut Butter – recipe HERE
100g Mixed Frozen Berries – or you can use Blueberries – I would have used all Blueberries or all Blackberries but I only had Mixed Berries
80g -100g Ice
50g – 70g Baby Spinach Leaves
40g Flaxseeds (Linseeds)
200g Freshly squeezed Orange Juice – you can throw in a couple of oranges and blitz if you don’t mind the pulp but I prefer less pulpy OJ so I squeezed 2 large Oranges
1 Tblsp Flaxseed Oil ( I didn’t get to use it in this one that I made today as mine was rancid!)
1 Tbsp Maca Powder ( this is optional and probably best taken in consultation with your health practioner/natropath and definitely do not use if you are taking hormonal treatments or breastfeeding.) I am yet to purchase this but I definitely am going to be giving this a go.

Put the Flax Seeds and Berries in and blitz for around 20secs on speed 8
Add ice and Spinach Leaves and blitz for another 10-20 seconds
Add Nut Butter ,
Add oil and powder (if using)
Mix on speed 8 for around 20 secs and pour into a tall glass.

You can add a tablespoon of Maple Syrup if you like but I prefer to have it with a bit of a bite.

One thing that I forgot to add is chia gel ! Take 1-2tblspns of Chia seeds and add about 6 tblspns of water until the seeds are absorbed. Mix in with your smoothie at the end, so the sees are kept intact

PLEASE NOTE: There IS (like with most things) varying opinions on the consumption of Flaxseed and Flaxseed Oils. It is a food that contains  phytoestrogens and therefore is considered very good for hormone balancing.
But there can be other side affects and interactions if you are on other medications or have or have had cancer so it is best to speak to your medical practitioner or natropath in regards to whether flaxseed/flaxseed oil is right for you.

Of course if you have been enjoying flax seeds and flax seed oil previously with no side affects then “bottoms up”
I personally have been using flax seeds – I use them in my “Not Sausage No Nuts Sausage Rolls”  In summer I like to drizzle Flaxseed Oil on my salad 🙂

Here’s to the road of Good no make that GREAT hormonal health xxx

NB: – Here is a little light reading in regards to the benefits of Flaxseeds

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