Shout Out – Five for Five – except its Six !




I thought I would give a little showcase shoutout… Some great fb pages/ blogs to have a look at ….

If you would like your facebook page or blog featured on my Blog and Facebook page be sure you belong to my Facebook Page Thermoblitz I will do shout outs randomly on there where you can post your link and I may feature your page or blog !

Check out these 6 great pages and blogs and was meant to be 5 but ended up being 6 ! The criteria for this shout out was that all these pages / blogs had to have under 5000 likes.

Just to let you know The Annoyed Thyroid has the best “Baked Beans recipe”  we LOVE it

The Feral Kitchen & Garden

Thermo’ing with Amanda

Lou’s Kitchen

Two Hungry Little Bellies

Mum of three and my Thermie

The Annoyed Thyroid


So go on and have a look at these great fb pages / blogs and post back here what you think x





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