Thermomix Not LCM Bars


This is a recipe by Naughty Naturopath Mum and Essence Practitioner on her blog called Anti LCM Bars.
I made this last year and converted all the ingredients to weight and you can do this entirely in your TMX For it to be considered a healthy version you really need to use these ingredients


70 g puffed rice – you can purchase in the health food section in woolies – you can use rice bubbles but puffed rice is healthier (Rice bubbles you might need a bit more so just check if using them)

120grams of Organic Shredded Coconut (I use Loving Earth)

35 grams chia seeds

130g of coconut oil (I use Loving Earth)

250g of rice malt syrup (you can buy this in woolies/coles) You can use RAW Honey and use LESS it will be a lot sweeter.

50g of Organic Cacao ( I use Loving Earth)

Pop the Coconut Oil and Rice Syrup into the TMX Bowl on 50 degrees for 3 minutes speed 1
Add in Coconut, Cacao and Chia Seeds, use reverse speed soft for about 15 secs
Then add in the puffed rice and use reverse speed soft for about 45 secs
Then I needed to give it a good stir around with a spatula in the bowl. I gave it all a final mix in another bowl with my hand.
Tip out onto a lined Slice tray and press down. Place in fridge until set.
Original recipe in comments.