Thermoblitz Mayonnaise


1 Egg – From the fridge immersed in tepid water for 5 minutes (or you can use a ready made room temp one LOL)
4 teaspoons of white wine vinegar ( or red or even lemon) –  15g
2 teaspoons of Dijon Mustard -10g
Whiz on 5 for 10
Put MC in upside down (the correct way !!)
1 and 1/2 cups of Macadamia Oil. – 300g
This is where its important to slowly pour in the oil, I do it in a light stream starting from the outside of the top of the lid slowly going round and round so that its just dripping in through the MC
check half way through if you feel like it.
I was doing this on speed 4 but then turned it up to 5 half way through
Then I added a bit more oil to make it a bit thicker (not a lot)
I added another dash of salt and pepper
I added another dollop of Dijon mustard
I added another splash of two of white wine vinegar
And I added about a teaspoon of mustard powder !

Which then made it even more yummy!
You can do all sorts of things, you can add garlic, herbs whatever you like.
The worst part of making mayonnaise ? The washing up of the lid and seal ! Making Mayonnaise in the TMX is simple and easy to do , tasty and so much better for you.

I only use Macadamia Oil. I cant advise you on other oils as so many of them are not good for you.

You can read about my view point on various oils and which ones I do and don’t recommend on this post Oils aint Oils
You can purchase Macadamia Oil in Bulk to save money, through co-ops and online.