Cost Saving Drinking Chocolate

How many of you have drinking chocolate ? How many of you sprinkle drinking chocolate on things ?
I use drinking choc on top of my Cappuccino’s and my daughter has a sprinkling of it on her rice bubbles (if she has them for breakfast) as we don’t buy coco pops – having rice bubbles with drinking choc is a healthier alternative
I buy the organic Drinking Chocolate there are a couple of different ones but they still have “other things” in them. One major selling organic one in the supermarket is only 23% cacao and then it has (organic??) skim milk powder and “natural flavor”
So I decided to make my own !

100g Raw Sugar (coconut or rapadura if you can have these)
50g Organic Cacao (I use Loving Earth Brand)

Blitz Sugar for 2 secs on Speed 9
Add Cacao and blitz on about speed 4/5 for about 5 secs until mixed through.

Thats it ! Considering a teeny tiny container of “Organic” Drinking Chocolate is around $8 This will also be a great $ saver and only 2 Ingredients !.
Store in a dry seal proof container.