Thermoblitz Quiche


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I first posted this recipe on the Thermoblitz Facebook Page in November 2012 – its been a great hit with many people.
This is such an awesome Quiche recipe. Easy to make and tastes delicious Hot or Cold. Its perfect for a Lunch or a Dinner. Perfect made in rectangle shape and put into slices, or perfect to make into mini Quiches.

This go to recipe is great all year round I hope you love it as much a we do

Ingredients – filling
2 Spring Onions Roughly Chopped 1 inch pieces
1/2 Zucchini Roughly chopped 1 inch pieces
1/2 Red Capsicum Roughly chopped 1 inch pieces
200 g (roughly 6 slices) Shortcut Bacon roughly chopped
75g Cheddar Cheese cubed
35g Parmesan Cubed
6 eggs
110g Cream
20g butter
Mixed herbs -dry or fresh

Blitz Cheeses together speed 7 for 5 secs and remove and set aside.

Put Spring Onions, Capsicum, Zucchini and Bacon in bowl chop 5-7 secs speed 4
Add Herbs
Add 20g butter
100degrees 6 mins reverse soft

Strain through basket when cooked and then cool

Into bowl Add the eggs
Add the Cream
Mix for 10 secs on speed 5
Tip in Pre Done Cheeses

After Blind Baking the Pastry (per below) then tip in the Veges Bacon Mix
then slowly pour in the egg/cheese/cream mix starting from the outside and going in. (directions continue below)

Cream Cheese Pastry
115g plain flour
50g butter, chopped
125g cream cheese (home made in tmx)

Place flour and butter into bowl and process until like breadcrumbs.
Add the cream cheese and use until it comes together. I used speed 4 for about 10-15 secs or you can use knead
Place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and then use.

Roll out and cover pie dish
Blind Bake 10 mins 175degrees

Pour in Mix and cook around 30minutes on 170/175 degrees

Cream Cheese Pastry is from the Community Forum


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