Cream Cheese



Cream Cheese – Homemade

Whilst this uses Quark Cheese which can be tricky to find it is out there, its more of a European cheese but it can be found in many supermarkets like Coles or woolies or IGA

However you can make your own Quark cheese using just 2 ingredients ! Milk and Lemon Juice ! Try this recipe Make your own German Quark Cheese

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500g Quark Cheese
250g Unsalted Butter (photo is of store bought but you can make your own in the Thermomix and use)
200g Sour Cream or Cream Fraiche (I used sour cream light)
Half or 3.4 teaspoon Salt

Everything in TMX
5-6 minutes Speed 4 70Degrees
Place in appropriate container, Cool down and into the fridge