Spreadable Butter




You will need your strainer , your butterfly, Macadamia oil, filtered water and salt as well as whipping cream  also known in some states as pure cream.
This is what I use, I can’t guarantee any other oils. I don’t recommend grape seed oil or rice bran for anything ,
I think they are toxic oils. I know some people use olive oil , I’d perhaps drop the oil quantity down by around 20g (its really a matter of playing around with amounts and oils to decide what flavor works best for you)
I really recommend buying macadamia oil.

You need 600ml of PURE CREAM. Whipping Cream NOT thickened Cream.
Empty this into your tmx bowl that has the butterfly already inserted.
Whip Cream on speed 4 for around 2 minutes. This can alter depending on freshness (or not) of cream. As soon as the sound starts to change have a peak through the hole (remove the mc) and if you see its separated into solid and buttermilk turn the tmx off.

Empty out the buttermilk through your strainer into a JUG. press all the buttermilk out using a spatula. Use buttermilk for pancakes , cakes and lots of other recipes

Remove Butterfly and Put back the solid matter back in the TMX Jug and add in 500g of COLD WATER from the fridge
Wash the butter through on speed 4 for about 6-8 secs.
Empty out again through the strainer but this time down the sink !

Again pop the butter back into the tmx bowl and again add 500g of cold water from the fridge.
Again wash the butter through on speed four for about 5 or so seconds and empty out the contents through the strainer. This time really squeeze out the butter making sure all the water has been squeezed out. You can then use your hands to squish it further out or through muslin. I just use the strainer and my hands.

Into the empty Bowl add your butter in with the scales on. Most of the time mine is around 230g out of 600g of cream.
It can be anywhere between 220-270
Then add in 100/120g of Macadamia Oil and 60/80 Water.  My preference is 120oil and 80 water
Add in a quarter to a half of a teaspoon of a good finely ground sea salt. I use pink Sea Salt.
Mix on Speed 4 for 40seconds with the Butterfly IN.

Then transfer to a nice jar. I prefer to use glass. If you don’t have glass use a good tupperware container.

I hope you enjoy this version of spreadable butter

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