Fish Free Laksa


On some Baking paper flatten 4 chicken thighs sprinkle salt and Chinese 5 spice
Brush trays with macadamia oil
Place chicken thighs down on top tray
Sprinkle With cubed pumpkin 250-300g lower tray

To make the laksa soup
2 x spring onion
1 tblspn chilli
Tblspn lime juice
teaspoon brown sugar 5g
1 x 400 g tin coconut milk or use coconut cream and water or make your own (see recipe under Pastes Stocks and Sauces)

500 g chicken stock Use 1 to 1.5 tblspn of chicken stock paste (Recipe is HERE ) with 500g of water ( you could use EDC stock paste but won’t have the same depth of flavor)

Laksa paste 3tblps ( 20g ) recipe for my Laksa Paste (Fish Free) is HERE
A couple of pieces of Coriander
Vermicelli Noodles use 3 sections
Blitz Onion and Chilli and coriander
Add the Rest of sauce ingredients to the bowl
Make sure it comes up to 1 litre of liquid – if not add a bit more water.
Put Vermicelli in Steamer Basket – For about 10 secs on speed five just let the soup mix wash through the vermicelli to wet it.
Cook on Varoma setting/15-20 minutes/speed 4 or unti chicken and pumpkin cooked

If liquid has reduced a lot just add a little more coconut milk/water and heat through for another couple of minutes varoma speed 4


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