Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam with Vanilla


Strawberry jam, is there anything better that fresh strawberry jam ? well possibly there are but when comparing shop bought and homemade there isn’t ?
Recently on the way home we stopped by  the strawberry farms and picked up some beautiful strawberries. I got a couple of 1 kilo punnets for eating and a 3 kilo pack for jam making ❤️ They were so beautiful even the ones for jam were completely yummy and perfectly edible ! I got 3 kilos of jam strawberries for just $6 !

I’ve been making jam for a number of years now both in the Thermomix TM31 and the Cuisine Companion and again in the Thermomix TM5. I decided  to completely reduce the sugar and 100g is perfectly fine and the jam set beautifully, lovely and thick. This is due to the pectin in the apple, I have also used blood oranges in other strawberry jam recipes which also give a different lovely flavour.  The Bravo apple used in this recipe is very high in pectin and gives a beautiful rich flavoursome jam whilst using a lot less sugar.

You may get slight burning on the bottom of the TMX bowl but this is perfectly normal for a high heat process with jams, spreads and pastes etc so don’t be alarmed and just use a scrubby and dishwashing liquid and a little elbow grease and it will simply come off. You can also use eggshells and lemon rind just whizz them around, the egg shell and citrus helps to remove the burned section. Also check out my deeper cleaning recipe HERE

The jars are from Kmart and are the perfect size for 500g of strawberries. They are also a decorative jar and beautiful for giving as gifts.
They come in a 6 pack for just $5




Strawberry Jam infused with Vanilla


500g Strawberries
100 g Raw Sugar
1 bravo apple cored and cut into thin slices – these apples are amazing, you can cut them and they don’t go brown. (If you can’t get a bravo use a regular apple)
1 Vanilla Bean split down the middle and cut into quarters. (optional, if you don’t have any you can just leave out)
1/4 – 1/2 squeezed lemon juice (as tangy as you like)



Place all ingredients into the Thermomix bowl
Cook for 30 minutes at Varoma temperature on speed 1.5
Check that set if not continue for another 5-10 minutes .
Pour into sterilised jars.

Tip – You can sterilise your jars with boiling water and air drying in a low oven

Tip – Pour into your jar using your Thermomix lid 

Tip – You can add in 1 tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar in the last 10 minutes to give a different edgy taste to the strawberries

I love making jams and pastes in my Thermie BUT I also like to prove to myself I can do it the old fashioned way 🤣

🍓 I used 650g strawberries and still only 100g sugar In my USA 11inch Noni stainless steel saucepan.
🍓I would use a smaller saucepan Noni – if you have one
🍓I would grate the apple in
🍓I started off without the skillet lid and then as it got closer to the end hovered it over leaving a small space
🍓I didn’t need to stir really until the end
🍓If you have a TMX use your TMX to do jams of this qty at least 😀 If you are doing a massive qty then use your Noni’s.
🍓This is why I bought a TMX to do jams, stocks, pastes etc etc and i believe some of the top chefs in the world do too 😆