Exciting News Change of pace

I’ve been sitting on a bit of a secret for some weeks now… After using and creating over 140 recipes and a gorgeous glossy recipe book for the Cuisine Companion, I made a decision to purchase a Thermomix TM5.

I have been absolutely delighted from having the Thermomix demonstration all the way through the process, to arrival and delivery with my gorgeous consultant who has been in the Thermomix Biz for a very long time and in fact was a Group Leader for a long time as well… So I felt I was in capable hands of ensuring that my decision was the right one.

Its been over 2 years since I have used a Thermomix and even though it is now a new model it was like riding a bike.
I’ve made so many awesome delights from all my favourite TM31 recipes that I have created ( available here ) to some new recipes found via the cook-key – how fab is this little device ?

Sometimes in life we take different paths for different reasons.  

I am really excited to be embracing using the Thermomix again.  I had the previous model for 4 years and whilst the Cuisine Companion is a great machine and I certainly believe it suits some households its not really for me.  Towards the end – where I started to think about various things to do with where I was heading, how I was feeling and what was important to me I decided it was time to make a decision.

I was becoming stressed whilst using the CC machine, it wasn’t bringing joy into my life. I wasn’t cooking in it and if I did I was stressed.  This was actually around a number of issues which I don’t really want to get into here. Needless to say it couldn’t continue the way it was so I made a choice to put me first.

Since getting my Thermomix TM5 I have started to enjoy cooking and creating once again.

The ease of using the TM5 is what I remembered from my TM31 and do you know in all the years I had my TM31 I had never made Pizza Bianca ? ?
That changed very quickly ! I made 3 within days.. ? So simple and so light and perfect to accompany some soup on a cold wintery day.

So I know, like when I switched to the CC back in 2016, that this will be a little bit of a shock for some and a delight for others. Its certainly a huge delight for me and I am happier than I have been in the kitchen for some time.
I love that I got to write a cookbook,  I love that I got to introduce so many people to a new and healthier way of eating using their Cuisine Companion, I love that I got to help people discover their cooking abilities…. but at the end of the day this had to come down to my happiness.  I will continue with the CC group and continue to support and encourage everyone in there at least for the foreseeable future. Thank you to those of you who have supported me and enjoyed by recipes and support over the past 2 years.

I look forward to bringing new and exciting recipes for the Thermomix TM5 to everyone and I love that my facebook group Thermoblitz Mixing Food & Life that I created back in 2012 has continued to grow to well over 28,000 likers most of whom are Thermomix users – your patience has been worth it – I will be back bringing Thermomix recipes to you soon ? Thank you for your support